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When foreign aid become an investment

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To eradicate hunger and poverty in Africa, Green energy and Agriculture are two important factors. 
The future of solar power in Senegal is certain. Senegal has plenty of sun as any African country. Electrification of villages is still low and the power outage is frequent. With those factors, off grid power is an alternative.
The solar project was introduced in Senegal more than 25 years ago. The first big project was in Diaoule, Fatick Area. That solar project ensure the lighting of the village and pumping and distribution of the drinking water. The project was financed by a German foundation. Solar home system is rising but the commercial cost is high for a farmer with regular income. To offset the cost of solar power, biodiesel is an alternative. Biodiesel is a way to increase the income of the rural community. 
Biodiesel specifically from jatrofa is head budding in Senegal. Why biodiesel? To increase the income of the farmers and improve their way of life, while fighting environmental pollution. 
Solar energy improve the welfare of the community. By increasing the income of the rural community while improving their welfare, a self sustained economy can be created and in the long run it will be a win win for both sides. As the foreign aid, senegalese diaspora too, is active on helping the home land in many ways: Building schools, village post offices, mosques, health centers.... Beside those actions, they take care financially to their immediate families in their home countries. They help on Food, health care, education and family businesses. 
Foreign aid is doing good, there's no doubt about it, but it is time to find a way to improve it. We propose new ways with somes old practices; the expertise and the funding of the senegalese diaspora and the foreign aid may be a big plus specifically in green energy( solar and biodiesel) and agriculture to help resolve needs in Senegal rural areas while helping developp new businesses.

Djibril Ndiaye PH.D.

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When foreign aid become an investment
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